XY Interpolation Program

Posted on February 21st, 2015
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Recently I needed to convert a set of arbitrarily spaced data into data with equidistant “x” spacing. I wrote the below Javascript code to do this. To use it, drop and drop your input text file into the drop box. The file can have up to 5 non-numeric header lines, followed by lines containing “x” and “y” values. The code will then fit a canonical spline to the data and generate approximately equidistant points. You can save the new data set by clicking on the link that appears once data is loaded. The input points don’t need to be sorted. You will find an example input set here: random.txt (you’ll need to save it to your hard drive first). Click here for an example screenshot.

Please leave a comment if you find this useful. Also let me know what other features you would like to see added!

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