Use the links below to learn more about our simulation codes. Our two primary codes are:

  1. CTSP (Contamination Transport Simulation Program) is a PIC-C developed code for modeling transport of molecular and particulate contaminants in complex geometries. The code implements various mass generation models applicable to the contamination control community, and supports including time and spatially varying aerodynamic, electrostatic, and gravitational forces.
  2. Starfish, a two-dimensional (axisymmetric or Cartesian) open-source code for modeling a wide a range of plasma and gas dynamics problems. The code implements kinetic and fluid models for gas and can be easily extended via plugins. It is suitable to hobbyists, university students, or anyone working with problems that exhibit 2D behavior.

CTSP (Contamination Transport Simulation Pro-gram) is our premier tool for modeling vacuum chambers and spacecraft molecular and particulate contamination

Starfish is an open-source 2D plasma and rarefied gas simulation code

VTE is a legacy (circa 2003) VTK-based visualization tool