Particle In Cell Consulting LLC is a small California-based business providing services to the electric propulsion, space environment, and contamination control communities. We specialize in:

  • Performing molecular and particulate contamination transport analyses for vacuum or aerospace industries
  • Simulating pumping speed and pressure distribution in vacuum chambers
  • Modeling particle-based instruments such as ion spectrometers, electrostatic analyzers, or ion gauges
  • Simulating spacecraft-environment interaction arising from electric plasma thrusters
  • Development of plasma and rarefied gas simulation codes based on the Particle In Cell (PIC), Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC), and/or CFD/MHD methods
  • Assisting with general scientific computing needs such as optimization, parallelization, and data analysis

We also offer plasma simulation courses. You can learn more about us and our projects, or get access to our codes. Please contact us if you would like to submit an RFP or have any general questions.

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