Particle In Cell Consulting, LLC (PIC-C). Developers of plasma, rarefied gas, and contamination transport simulation codes.
particle in cell simulation of ion optics
Particle simulation of ion optics

Particle In Cell Consulting LLC is a small company specializing in providing engineering services to the electric propulsion, space environments, and contamination control communities. Our capabilities include:

  • Performing plasma and rarefied gas simulations with codes based on the Particle In Cell (PIC), Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC), and/or CFD/MHD methods
  • Simulating spacecraft / environment interactions from electric plasma propulsion thrusters
  • Modeling contamination transport, including plume impingement, particulate fallout, electrostatic return, and molecular deposition
  • Simulating gas flows, including purge effectiveness
  • Assisting with general scientific computing needs such as optimization, parallelization, and data analysis

We also regularly offer courses on various plasma simulation topics. You can learn more about us and our work on our projects page, and also from our past publications. Please contact us if you have any additional questions or would like to submit an RFP. You will also find us @particleincell, LinkedIn, and GitHub.

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