Starfish is a two-dimensional gas and plasma simulation code. It implements the Electrostatic Particle in Cell (ES-PIC) method to model plasmas, as well as several fluid solvers for continuum problems. Surface geometry is represented by linear and/or cubic spline segments. The computational domain is discretized into a rectilinear or body-fitted mesh. Multiple gas injection sources are available, and a detailed surface handler is also implemented. The species interact with each other via collisions (MCC or DSCM) or by chemical reactions.

There are two versions. The open source Starfish contains basic support for plasma modeling via the Electrostatic Particle In Cell (ES-PIC) method with MCC or DSMC. It also supports free molecular flow, and contains diffusion-advection fluid solver. It is available as a free download from this site. The source code is available on Github. The full version extends the basic version by including additional particle source models, detailed surface treatment, and Navier Stokes solver. It also contains special module for modeling electric propulsion devices. The full version is currently not available for general distribution and is used internally in support of our contracts. Sign up for the newsletter to receive code release updates.