Implementation of VTK-based 3D visualization capability in a solver GUI

Posted on May 3rd, 2012
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Over the past few weeks, we at PIC-C have been busy integrating VTK (The Visualization Toolkit) into a client’s graphical user interface. The client for this project is a company specializing in CFD software for turbomachinery aerodynamic analysis. The client’s solvers are integrated with a Java-based GUI which allows the user to specify input parameters and execute the simulation. Although the GUI contains 2D plotting capabilities for monitoring and analyzing results, 3D visualization required the use of an external application such as Paraview or Tecplot. While this is the norm for the client’s larger customers, it remained a challenge for their smaller ones due to additional license costs or added training requirements.

As described in a previous article, VTK can be easily integrated with Java applications. VTK has proven to be just the ticket for our client’s needs. By integrating the VTK library, they gain the means to quickly introduce robust 3D visualization capabilities into their GUI, without the need for a large dedicated programming staff or embedded license fees. There is no doubt their smaller customers will appreciate this as well, as it will enhance their analysis capabilities and allow them to manage the entire CFD simulation cycle from one place. Stay tuned to this blog, we will update you once the new capabilities become generally available.

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