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Arduino Plasma Simulation

An example electrostatic particle-in-cell simulation was developed that runs on the Arduino microcontroller. Field results are visualized over serial port using Python. (May 27 2020)

USC ASTE-499 Applied Scientific Computing Debrief

In the spring semester 2020, I had the opportunity to teach an Applied Scientific Computing course at USC. Here is a course summary and a debrief. (May 25 2020)

Computing pi with CPUs, GPUs, threads, MPI, Javascript, Arduino, and FPGAs

This year, for “pi day” (March 14th), I figured I’ll post a short article demonstrating how to estimate the value of π using different computer architectures. This topic is somewhat in line with the ASTE-499 Applied Scientific Computing Course I am currently teaching at USC’s Astronautical Engineering Department. The goal of that course is to […] (Mar 14 2020)