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Introduction to Modern Scientific Programming and Numerical Methods

Table of contents for the upcoming "Introduction to Modern Scientific Programming and Numerical Methods" by Brieda, Wang, and Martin. Leave us a comment with your suggestions and let us know if you would like to help with the reviews. (Sep 6 2020)

USC ASTE-499 Applied Scientific Computing Debrief

In the spring semester 2020, I had the opportunity to teach an Applied Scientific Computing course at USC. Here is a course summary and a debrief. (May 25 2020)

Advanced PIC Course Debrief

Some observations and lessons learned from the Advanced PIC course. Were you a student? I would love to get your feedback! (Nov 10 2015)

Some recent papers

This post is bit of an advertisement, in that I wanted to share with you some recent papers that I was involved in. Recent here is to be taken with a bit of grain of salt, since some the papers noted below are from as far back as 2010. (Dec 4 2014)

IEPC2013 Debrief

The 33rd International Electric Propulsion Conference, IEPC2013, turned out really well with record attendance despite the on-going government shutdown. (Oct 11 2013)

Scammers Everywhere

Interesting experience with a scam registration for a technical conference using a "virtual" credit card, and requesting a wire refund after their visa was supposedly denied. (Sep 1 2013)

Initial Progress on Micro Cathodic Arc Thruster Plume Simulations

Preliminary results from a fully-kinetic simulation of a micro cathode arc thruster for nanosatellites. The thruster uses a magnetic field to turn an initially radial jet into the axial direction to crate thrust. (Jul 14 2013)

A quick summary of the past six months

A quick summary of the projects completed over the past 6 months. These include development of a 2D plasma simulation code Starfish, publication of two papers, initial analysis of a plasma-wall interface, and development of a Java-based VTK GUI. (Aug 24 2012)

Implementation of VTK-based 3D visualization capability in a solver GUI

Over the past few weeks, we at PIC-C have been busy integrating VTK (The Visualization Toolkit) into a client’s graphical user interface. The client for this project is a company specializing in CFD software for turbomachinery aerodynamic analysis. The client’s solvers are integrated with a Java-based GUI which allows the user to specify input parameters […] (May 3 2012)

2013 IEPC at GWU

The International Electric Propulsion Conference (IEPC) is the premier international conference for researches studying electric propulsion (plasma) rockets. The 2011 conference took place in Wiesbaden, Germany. The next conference will take place in 2013 at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Particle In Cell Consulting will be helping to make this a great event. See you there? (Jul 31 2011)