Effect of Ion Thruster Plume-Thermosphere Interaction on Satellite Aerodynamics in Very Low Earth Orbit

Satellite operations in Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO), altitudes below 250km, are highly appealing for flexible, high-performing and economical spacecraft operations to deliver low-cost communications and Earth observation data. However, the mission li...

Starfish DSMC Tutorial: Supersonic Jet and Argon Diffusion

This tutorial shows you how setup a DSMC simulation using Starfish. We model expansion of an atmospheric pressure gas to a low pressure reservoir and also compute self-diffusion coefficient of argon.

Starfish Tutorial Part 5: Collisions and Chemical Reactions

The final part of the multipart Startfish tutorial. In this part we discuss adding material interactions, including chemical reactions, Monte Carlo Collisions (MCC), and Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC).

Starfish Tutorial Part 4: Steady State, Surface Flux, and Averaging

Part 4 of the multi-part Starfish tutorial. In this part we add commands to export surface properties such as surface flux, learn about steady state, and setup data averaging.

Starfish Tutorial Part 3: Surface Interactions

Part 3 of Starfish plasma simulation solver tutorial. Here we introduce surface interactions and modify the input files to simulate the recombinations of ions at the surface of the cylinder.

Starfish Tutorial Part 2: Particles and Animation

The second part of the multi-part Starfish tutorial. In this part we add particle sources to simulate flow of plasma over a cylinder. We also introduce animations.

Starfish Tutorial Part 1: Domain, Boundaries, and a Potential Solver

The first part of the multi-part Starfish tutorial. In this article we introduce the input files needed to setup a simulation for a flow of plasma over an infinitely long cylinder.