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CAD Based Particle Simulation Code

We demonstrated as part of a NASA SBIR effort the ability to run particle simulations directly with CAD geometries. Such a mesh-less approach is expected to lead to massive reductions in labor cost and the ability to rerun simulations whenever the design changes. (Dec 25 2023)

Interactive Elliptic Mesh Generation with SVG and Javascript

SVG and Javascript can be used to create interactive applications and graphical user interfaces. Here is an example of an interactive elliptic mesh generator. (Jun 22 2012)

Smooth B├ęzier Spline Through Prescribed Points

How do you construct a smooth line through a set of prescribed points? This article shows you how. It also includes an interactive SVG demo that allows you to try it in real-time. (Jun 17 2012)

Interpolation using an arbitrary quadrilateral

This article describes how to interpolate data between a particle and an arbitrary quadrilateral cell used in non-Cartesian grids. The technique is illustrated with several Matlab / Octave examples. The examples show how pick points located inside the polygon, how to classify their position, and how to scatter and gather particle data. (Jun 4 2012)