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Particulate Surface Adhesion Sandbox

(TL/DR: This page contains an interactive Javascript sandbox for testing surface adhesion. You can play with it below or in a separate window by clicking here) One of the projects I am currently working on involves modeling the gas-surface or plasma-surface interface. This has dual applications. First, in the world of contamination control, it is […] (Sep 8 2020)

Interconnected Spheres Javascript Demo

Tutorial for creating a Javascript simulation of a "crystal-lattice" formed by interconnected spheres interacting with the spring force (Sep 7 2020)

Two Stream Instability Javascript Simulation

Particle In Cell (PIC) plasma simulation of two-stream instability implemented in Javascript and running in your browser. Two cold beams interact with each other until streaming is destroyed and particles become trapped in phase space vortices. (Apr 29 2015)

XY Interpolation Program

Online interpolation program that takes arbitrarily spaced unsorted X-Y data, fits a spline to it, and generates equidistant points. (Feb 21 2015)

Advection Diffusion Crank Nicolson Solver

Online Advection Diffusion equation solver implemented with Javascript and HTML5, and based on Crank Nicolson Finite Volume Method. (Jun 8 2014)

2D Data Plotting

Demo of plotting 2D scalar mesh scalar values using HTML5 canvas and rainbow RGB colormap. (Mar 4 2014)

Flow in a Nozzle

By considering one-dimensional flow, we can derive an expression for the variation of Mach number in a nozzle with a variable area change. Such a relationship is explored here with an interactive demo that allows you to change the shape of a converging-diverging nozzle and observe how the flow speed changes. (Feb 7 2014)

Computing Intersections Between a Cubic Bezier Curve and a Line

Interactive SVG+Javascript code for computing intersections between a line and a cubic Bezier curve. (Aug 10 2013)

On partial pressure determination of condensable materials with a TQCM

In this article we look at how we could use surface flux collected by a quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) to compute the volumetric partial pressure of condensable materials such as magnesium vapor. (Jul 28 2013)

HTML5 + Javascript DSMC Simulation

Details of the Javascript implementation of the Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method and a how to guide to plotting animated simulation results with Javascript and HTML5 canvas element. (Dec 26 2012)

Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) Method

DSMC, or Direct Simulation Monte Carlo, is a particle based method for simulating gas kinetics. Popularized by G.A. Bird in the 60's, this method is now commonly used as an alternative to CFD. In addition, DSMC is commonly combined with PIC codes to include collisions in plasma simulations. This article demonstrates the method with an interactive HTML5 DSMC demo. (Dec 19 2012)

Interactive Elliptic Mesh Generation with SVG and Javascript

SVG and Javascript can be used to create interactive applications and graphical user interfaces. Here is an example of an interactive elliptic mesh generator. (Jun 22 2012)

Smooth B├ęzier Spline Through Prescribed Points

How do you construct a smooth line through a set of prescribed points? This article shows you how. It also includes an interactive SVG demo that allows you to try it in real-time. (Jun 17 2012)

HTML5 for Scientific Computing

HTML5 is the new standard for writing webpages. It introduces several new powerful capabilities, such as embedded video and drag and drop. It also introduces a new tag called canvas that allows us to do real time graphing and visualization using Javascript. In this example we show you how to plot XY graphs using Javascript and HTML5. (Oct 28 2011)